I FEEL PRETTY (2018): It’s…

I Feel Pretty (2018), Amy Schumer
I Feel Pretty (2018), Amy Schumer

I Feel Pretty, the latest movie starring Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski and Michelle Williams is a comedy about a woman who suddenly finds plenty of self confidence following a head injury.

Written / directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, there are only really two things right about this film. Firstly, tits intention to inspire women, young women especially to stop letting society tell them what is beautiful, so they can find the confidence to go after what they really want. The second positive is the casting of Michelle Williams. In this movie Williams is as elevating a talent as the best of them, but even this task was to great.

The truth is, I definitely laughed a little once or twice, mainly because of the humorous moment(s) where a line reminded me of what made Schumer’s Comedy Central TV so good once upon a time. Unfortunately though, I just happened to cringe far more than I laughed overall. There was a scene at the beginning that I felt already made it’s point yet it stretched on and on. There are moments where my eyes rolled in disappointment – in one particular instance due to the use of a story telling device that seemed rushed / ad hoc, as well as executed lazily.

Even with all the cringing and eye-rolling, a point did actually arrive around the first half where I thought the terribleness had ceased and now everything will be less bad. But  then something cringeworthy happens again! Cringeworthy because of the badly executed story. Cringeworthy because of what felt like over-acting by Schumer on a number of occasions and cringeworthy because someone decided that this final draft of I Feel pretty really was worthy of being the final draft.

I kept watching tI Feel pretty when I could have stopped because this movie and Schumer’s previous film Snatched (2017) aside, I usually enjoy her work. I now feel as though my last hope is  the idea that the Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence comedy that’s supposed to be in the works won’t have me saying ‘No, Amy! But I had such high hopes…!’ some thing I said more than twice during I Feel pretty.

Maybe watch Schumer’s Comedy Central TV show instead(?) 

Happy Film loving


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