UPGRADE (2018): The Things I Liked…

Upgrade (2018), Logan Marshall-Green
Upgrade (2018), Logan Marshall-Green

Written / directed by Leigh Whannell and set in the not to distant future, Upgrade is the action / sci-fi story of Grey. Grey is a self-identified technophobe whose only hope to set things right after his world is turned upside down is an experimental implant called Stem.

Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Upgrade isn’t bad but I didn’t exactly love it either. What I did love were specific impressive moments in the film. Moments of well delivered dialogue, my favourite of which happens at the very end. Said dialogue is even more impressive considering the very cool last shot. I enjoyed the fight choreography. For example some of the moves and the way Marshall-Green was able to remain expressionless at certain points whilst looking like he was applying all his strength.

As for why I’m not in love with this movie, there’s a certain quality to Upgrade that made it feel like something was not as right as it could have been. Perhaps it’s the the writing / structure and how it didn’t have me feeling as connected to the protagonist or any of the characters as I needed to be. Maybe it’s it the film being set near enough entirely during night time. I just know that instead of making me want to fully sing it’s praises, Upgrade randomly brought to mind other movies I absolutely love. In no particular order: Blade Runner 2049 ( because of the fight choreography), Ex Machina (because of the A.I. element) and Locke (something to do with the night time setting and colours, probably.)

No one in Whannell’s film  performed especially badly. I hadn’t really heard of Marshall-Green until this movie. I’m now quite certain I’m going to remember him moving forward and I admit that the bass in his voice has a little something to do with it.

Watch it if you’re so curious.

Happy Film Loving


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