WAITING TO EXHALE (1995): The Things I Liked…

Waiting To Exhale (1995), Whitney Houston
Waiting To Exhale (1995), Whitney Houston

Directed by Forest Whitaker (I had no idea he directed! The shame…) and based on Terry McMillan’s novel of the same name, Waiting To Exhale tells the story of four very different female friends and their relationships with the opposite sex.

Starring Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon, this one’s perfect for a fun ‘girls night in.’ There’s comedy, romance,  drama – definitely drama and the kind of female relationships that remind you of how great it is to have reliable girl friends. Whitaker’s film smartly deals with a number of recognisable and well-acted predicaments faced by many women seeking a life partner.

The entire cast performed well and a major highlight without a doubt is Bassett’s portrayal as ‘a woman scorned’ in an unforgettable and very quotable scene. I first watched Waiting To Exhale when I was eighteen years old. I didn’t know it until this most recent viewing but this movie, along with a few other memorable Bassett films really helped form part of what makes me the independent and empowered lady that I am today. No wonder I love Bassett so!

Waiting To Exhale is clearly a number of things to me. It’s also a good reminder of a couple of truths. Firstly, that we should never take leave of our senses when presented with the option to get involved with a married man. Second, one must always think twice, thrice, then think again and then some more before sacrificing one’s own dreams for someone else’s. 

The friendship dynamic between the women brought Sex & The City to mind and I just love the way the film’s  strong sisterhood theme is beautifully punctuated by a perfect ending. Watch it for the sisterly love, the moments of humour and that good Angela Basset scene! Did I mention that the soundtrack for this movie was a massive success?

Happy Film Loving


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