BURN (2019): The Thing I Liked…

Burn (2019), Suki Waterhouse, Momentum Pictures
Burn (2019), Suki Waterhouse, Momentum Pictures

Melinda, a desperately lonely female gas station attendant and her encounter with a man who tries to rob her store is the story of the Mike Gan directed thriller, Burn.

Starring Suki Waterhouse, Josh Hutcherson and Tilda Cobham-Hervey (Melinda), at first I paid very close attention – thanks mainly to Cobham-Hervey’s performance. Unfortunately, my interest did start to wane because of the not quite arresting conversation between Melinda and Josh Hutcherson’s robber character once he was tied up. This is sadly the point at which I resigned to the idea of Burn as quite a disappointing movie but still I chose to continue. 

The story didn’t improve with time but what I was very certain about is that the actors performed well. Particularly Cobham-Hervey in her role as the desperately lonely Melinda. It’s just unfortunate that I didn’t like the story’s execution, or fully believe everything that happened towards the end. 

Considering all the desperate madness that Melinda filled her day with, I was left wishing that hopefully, there really aren’t too many people as lonely as her.

Watch it but only if you absolutely must.

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