PROXIMA (2020): New Trailer From Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Zélie Boulant…

Proxima (2020), Eva Green, Madman Films
Proxima (2020), Eva Green, Madman Films

Starring Eva green, Matt Dillon and Zélie Boulant, Proxima is a new action / drama about a female astronaut’s struggle with having to leave her seven year-old daughter after being chosen as the only female on a year long space mission.

Written / directed by  Alice Winocour, Proxima focuses on the chaos that ensues in the mother / daughter relationship…

I’m interested in the struggle with knowing that not going isn’t an option while also knowing that saying no is completely out of the question.

Aleksey Fateev, Igor Filippov, Vitaly Jay, Anna Sherbinina, Grégoire Colin, Nancy Tate, Trond-Erik Vassal, Sandra Hüller and Lars Eidinger also star.

Proxima Release Dates: April 17th, 2020 (UK)…

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