THE GRIZZLIES (2020): New Trailer Starring Ben Schnetzer, Booboo Stewart and Ricky Marty-Pahtaykan…

The Grizzlies (2020), Ricky Marty-Pahtaykan
The Grizzlies (2020), Ricky Marty-Pahtaykan

From director Miranda de Pencier, new biography The Grizzlies is set in a small Arctic town struggling with the highest suicide rate in North America.

Starring Ben Schnetzer, Booboo Stewart and Ricky Marty-Pahtaykan; at at the centre of the story is a group of Inuit students’ whose lives are transformed when they’re introduced to the sport of lacrosse.

I’m in because it’s a true story and I want to see that happy ending for all involved. Perhaps I’ll even pick up some knowledge about lacrosse.

Natar Ungalaaq, Eric Schweig and Will Sasso also star.

The Grizzlies Release Dates

Happy film Loving


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