GREYHOUND (2020): The Thing I Liked…

Greyhound (2020), Tom Hanks, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Greyhound (2020), Tom Hanks, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Though brief and relegated strictly to the start, I did find myself moved by the romance at the beginning of Tom Hank’s latest war drama, Greyhound.

Past this almost throwaway moment in the movie, everything else that takes place in director Aaron Schneider’s World War II movie happens at sea. For Greyhound is a story that focuses on US Navy captain Ernest Krausemust as he leads an allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolf packs.

As you might imagine, there are plenty of tense moments that will make it hard to look away from the screen. Moments that show us how tough a captain’s job is as he tries to avoid getting his ship and all his men blown up.

The acting is of course, faultless. However, I can’t deny that the visuals of the grey ships on the Atlantic; visuals that lasted for approximately 95 per cent of the movie had me yearning for difference.

Greyhound is one you watch because you love Hanks and you’re curious about just how well-executed the tense moments are.

Other than that, I’m almost one hundred per cent sure you’d enjoy Hank’s other movie set at sea much more. I’m of course speaking of Captain Phillips (2013).

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8 thoughts on “GREYHOUND (2020): The Thing I Liked…”

  1. Looks quite promising! 🙂
    I read Tom Hanks was at first rather distraught the movie would be streamed instead of shown in theaters… then said was excited about it… I guess streaming will be yet another aspect of the “new normal”, who knows…

    1. It’s good that he came round to the streaming idea, or at least said that he did. 🤓 I think some movies are ‘too epic’ to be released via streaming only. Greyhound is good but I’m not mad I didn’t see it at the theatre.

      1. that’s odd, could be a bug, can you try again? and thanks much for checking up on my blog, but I haven’t been posting for a while (too busy working), I only have time to go through my favorite blogs tho 🙂 xx

  2. I really wanted to see this because I like Tom Hanks, but it’s streaming on AppleTV and I don’t have it. Hopefully at some point some other streaming platform or movie channel will show it.

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