BLACK IS KING (2020): The Things I liked…

Black Is King (2020), Beyoncé Knowles, Disney+
Black Is King (2020), Beyoncé Knowles, Disney+

Beyoncé Knowles, an artist who many years before said that she makes music to empower girls and women has delighted her fans once again, with the release of her new visual album Black is King.

Even though Black is King is dedicated to her young son, Sir – and it features a fair amount of lifting messages for black boys and men, in no way has the queen forgotten about all the girls and women who have looked forward to the new words, moves, messaging, beats and visuals of The Lion King (2019) movie-inspired Black is King.

As expected, there are plenty of great songs on Black is King; including Water featuring Pharrell Williams and Salatiel; Already and Black Parade.

As for a brand new female empowerment anthem, all I needed to hear was the first few seconds of My Power and I knew I’d found my favourite song.

The visuals in Black is King are often so arresting that you may find it hard to look away; even if you may not be loving a song that’s playing in the moment.

Beyoncé fans don’t need telling to watch Black is King. As for film, fashion, poetry and photography fans, watch Black is King for a memorable audio-visual feast. It’s certainly more than a series of music videos playing one after the other.

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4 thoughts on “BLACK IS KING (2020): The Things I liked…”

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t already seen this! I’ll watch it at the weekend though. I only want to listen to the songs for the first time while watching the movie. It’s clearly true. The queen never lets us down. Love her!

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