POSSESSOR (2020): The Thing I Liked…

Possessor (2020), Christopher Abbott, Neon
Possessor (2020), Christopher Abbott, Neon

I’m not surprised that director Brandon Cronenberg’s new sci-fi/thriller Possessor has a moment or two that took me back to the work of his well-established director father, David Cronenberg. A.k.a the man behind one of my favourite crime/dramas, A History of Violence (2005)

The signature both Cronenbergs share is, of course, the visceral violence; something that’s present in Possessor, the story of a secret organisation that drives its agents to inhabit other people’s bodies so they can assassinate targets for money. 

One might say that I was never going to love this movie considering its premise of picking unsuspecting strangers to kill. And that’s partly true because I don’t love this movie for reasons including the way the dark premise is executed. However, there’s also the fact that throughout I felt as though something was missing in the narrative structure. 

Possessor tried hard to be something; whether it’s clever, engaging or memorable. Unfortunately it just never succeeds at it for me. There’s also the seemingly rushed/confusing last quarter which presented more questions than answers. Furthermore, there’s a moment in the movie where some dialogue about a parasite/worm that suggests Possessor was likely inspired, in part, not just by young Cronenberg’s father, but also by Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010).

I enjoyed Christopher Abbott and Tuppence Middleton’s performances most. Still, overall, I say only watch Possessor if you absolutely must.

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