STRAY (2020): New Trailer For Stray Dog Documentary From Elizabeth Lo…

Stray (2020), Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing
Stray (2020), Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing

From writer/director Elizabeth Lo; Stray is a new documentary about the life of Zeytin, a stray dog living life on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.

As someone who’s never been to Turkey and had no idea bout the stray dog situation there, I’m looking forward to learning and virtually meeting Zeytin.

Also, it may be the trailer music or the way Zeytin seems to be, largely ignored. But this could be quite moving.

Stray Release Dates: March 5th, 2021, (US), Internet…

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10 thoughts on “STRAY (2020): New Trailer For Stray Dog Documentary From Elizabeth Lo…”

  1. A part of me really wants to watch this, but another part of me says no because I have such a weak spot for animals that I might become a crying mass sitting on my sofa…. the ugly crying kind. I follow this travel couple on YouTube that are or were rather traveling around the world in their van and they have been staying in Turkey for almost a year because of Covid. They show and talk about the strays of dogs and cats are everywhere. In fact they bought food to feee them as they travel around Turkey. It is interesting to see how many actually feed and “take care” of the strays.

    1. I completely understand, Christy. It looks as though you already know quite a bit about the stray situation in Istanbul, and finding out how many people actually feed the starys will hopefully bring us comfort. I look forward to finding out, and of course sharing my thoughts on here as soon as I’ve watched it.

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