Truth (2021), Victoria Justice, Matthew Daddario, Vertical Entertainment US

TRUST (2021): The Things I Liked…

Truth (2021), Victoria Justice, Vertical Entertainment US
Truth (2021), Victoria Justice, Vertical Entertainment US

Trust, the new drama starring Matthew Daddario, Victoria Justice, Lucien Laviscount and Katherine McNamara has some notable high and low points.

The standout highlight in a story about a New York gallery owner and her husband, as they each face exceptional temptations, happens to be the beautifully lit shots of Paris, and particularly, New York City. So colourful and vibrant are said images, that for a moment I suspected the makers of Trust likely brokered a deal with the New York City Tourism Board. 

Additionally, Justice’s attire and the gorgeously lit Royal Bangladesh Indian Restaurant, the very one featured prominently in the film’s trailer are two other highlights. I can only hope the latter managed to survive the pandemic so I can visit in the future.

The acting isn’t terrible. But I did find the dialogue cringe-worthy in parts. A truth that made me realise that Trust is not at all as sophisticated as the movie it initially reminded me of, namely, Last Night (2010)

Other low lights include the less convincing moments in Laviscount’s Dublin accent and the editing. Particularly the decision to reveal an important piece of the puzzle at the very start; a decision that seemed unnecessary, at best. 

Overall director Brian DeCubellis’s film is one you watch if you’re curious about the highlights. And or, you’re a fan of the cast. Otherwise, I recommend Last Night (2010) instead; for an arguably smarter and more sophisticated execution of a similar story.

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2 thoughts on “TRUST (2021): The Things I Liked…”

  1. I looked up the restaurant, I’ll join you in hoping it survived. One more thing, is there still no word of the song in the trailer, who the artist is, etc?

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