LOSING ALICE (2021): The Things I liked…

Losing Alice (2021), Ayelet Zurer, Apple TV+
Losing Alice (2021), Ayelet Zurer, Apple TV+

Losing Alice is a drama/thriller about the slow unravelling of the life of Alice, a talented film director whose career stalled after becoming a mother of three. Far from creatively satisfied, Alice is suffering largely in silence; that is until her eyes land on a new script she finds irresistible. One that results in a Faustian bargain with the potential to completely unravel her life.

The performances in Losing Alice are faultless. Not least of all, that delivered by the talented Ayelet Zurer who plays Alice. When I wasn’t busy taking in all the great performances, I was looking forward to the moment when I realised why the show’s title made perfect sense. All while also enjoying the very strong musical score. A score that helped keep me engaged in the moments when the camera would choose to linger longer than I might have preferred in some scenes. 

There are moments in Losing Alice when I became impatient for the unknown to be revealed. Yet, I couldn’t stop watching because I had to find out how complicated this particular female movie director’s life was going to get. After all, there are still very few female directors working while married and with children. Losing Alice does a good job of exploring the challenging predicaments that arise.

Watch Losing Alice if you’re curious, and definitely if you’re an aspiring director, female or not. You’ll probably appreciate the way the show reveals some of the behind-the-scenes reality of movie-making. 

Lastly, it’s not an english language production but the sound is very well dubbed, if that helps. Did I already mention the musical score?

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