In The Heights (2021), Anthony Ramos, Stephanie Beatriz, Warner Bros. Pictures

IN THE HEIGHTS (2021): The Things I Liked…

In The Heights (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures
In The Heights (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

In the Heights is a musical film I’m happy I watched, and that’s not something I say very often. Especially since what usually happens with me musicals is, I get annoyed with all the singing, how annoyingly simplistic the lyrics are and I have to stop. 

Luckily, this time director Jon M. Chu and Lin Manuel Miranda, the man in charge of creating the film’s music delivered a movie that has more good/great songs than not.

Impressive and energetic dance choreography, an engaging story and all the colourful summer costumes helped to keep me watching. In other words, ‘A sweet, moving, and joyous two-and-a-half hours’ is how I see In the Heights.

The experience of the movie is, I imagine, more heightened for Latin American audiences, since it’s focused on their multi-generational stories of life in the United States – specifically Washington Heights, New York. Still, all you need to appreciate Chu and Miranda’s movie is to be open to a good musical film; one that you’re very likely to enjoy. You may even catch yourself singing ‘In the heights…! Because the title song is catchy in a non-regrettable way. 

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8 thoughts on “IN THE HEIGHTS (2021): The Things I Liked…”

  1. Can’t wait to see it. My daughter lived in Washington Heights, NY, and she saw it last weekend and said it’s one of her favorite movies — maybe even her TOP favorite movie.

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