The Shrink Next Door (2021), Paul Rudd, Apple TV+

THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR (2021): New Trailer From Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Kathryn Hahn…

The Shrink Next Door is a new Apple TV+ series starring Paul Rudd, Kathryn Hahn and Will Ferrell. One that’s focused on the peculiar relationship between a psychiatrist and his longtime patient.

It’s definitely going to be strange for me, watching Rudd and Ferrell in roles that aren’t strictly comedy.

Also, the idea of Rudd as a seemingly dark character might take some getting used to. Particularly considering how generally likeable he tends to be in most films. Nevertheless, as a big fan of both actors, I can’t wait to see this play out.

Lastly, I chose the above photo of Rudd’s character for the post header because that expression puts a smile on my face each time I look at it.

Casey Wilson, Kesia Brooke, Bob Glouberman, Sarayu Blue and Gable Swanlund also star.

The Shrink Next Door Release Dates: November 12th, 2021, (US & UK)…

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9 thoughts on “THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR (2021): New Trailer From Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Kathryn Hahn…”

    1. Yes, Rudd and Ferrell a very special pair indeed. Long may they continue to delight us! 🙏

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Starred Up. ‘Intense’ is very much the word. Probably the kind of film to help keep some young boys on the straight and narrow. 🤓 The Mendelsohn/ O’connell pairing is a great one. I love them both. When I watched it, I didn’t even know that Mendelsohn wasn’t British, but actually Australian.

      1. Yes on both duos in the 2 movies. About Mendelsohn, I wondered what his origins were also. I thought he was American! He is SO good in that role, the way he walks is so weird and strange, like someone whose been pummeled and broken every which way. The movie is truly heartbreaking 😦

      2. It’s so true what you say about his walk. O’Connell also seems to have adopted a walk for his character. One of a young man who wants to exude confidence, especially in an environment that calls for it, otherwise you’ll get eaten alive.

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