The Batman (2022), Zoe Kravitz, Warner Bros. Pictures

THE BATMAN (2022): New Trailer Starring Zoë Kravitz, Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano…

The Batman (2022), Robert Pattinson, Warner Bros. Pictures
The Batman (2022), Robert Pattinson, Warner Bros. Pictures

From director Matt Reeves; the trailer for The Batman, Robert Pattinson’s first film where he’s suited up as the caped crusader is out – and I have semi-unexpected thoughts.

This trailer does have some highlights. However, the best I can say after watching it is that I’m hopeful the movie turns out great. I say this because right now, this specific trailer edit just isn’t giving me close to the levels of excitement that Christopher Nolans’s Batman trailers did – not that a great trailer is the guarantee of a fantastic film, of course.

Also, I must admit, it’s definitely not lost on me that I wasn’t initially in love with the first trailer for this very movie when it was released in October 2021 either, but it did eventually grow on me, mostly. As such, who knows how I’ll feel in a week or so when I rewatch this edit with new eyes.

Maybe then I’ll change my mind about Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman being the key feature of this trailer that has most effectively commanded my attention.

Are you still excited about The Batman movie after seeing this trailer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Peter Sarsgaard, John Turturro, Con O’Neill, Max Carver, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Charlie Carver, Alex Ferns, Amy Clare Beales, Jimmy Star and Mark Killeen also star.

The Batman Release Dates: March 4th, 2022 (US)…

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14 thoughts on “THE BATMAN (2022): New Trailer Starring Zoë Kravitz, Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano…”

      1. I did! And my feelings are aligned with yours. I didn’t pick up on much of a plot at all??? I like Robert Pattinson. In general. So I like that. But I am so nostalgic about Nolan’s Batman. That trilogy took Batman so so seriously, and yet it was hardly cheesy at all. And to bring a ‘caped crusader’ story to realism like that takes the combined talent/effort of an incredible cast and crew. Nolan’s Batman had IT. And I’m not convinced Any team of filmmakers can match that. But I will keep an open mind and heart. And I will welcome this new Batman

      2. I got to see this last weekend. I won’t spoil anything. Just say, There were def things I liked, and it was entertaining. My most basic caveat though… didn’t need to be 3 hours long.

      3. That 3 hour run time is definitely off-putting. However, I remain curious because 8 out of ten people I’ve spoken to had a good time. I’m just waiting for the right mood to hit so that I can take it all in with enthusiasm. 🤓

  1. I really haven’t changed my mind after seeing this trailer that I’m really not expecting much out of this. Like you I was blown away by Christopher Nowlan’s Batman trio right from the start. This one does have a good cast and I’m hoping that since I don’t have much expectations from this, that I might end up being pleasantly surprised.

  2. I really like the looks of this. Almost like they are turning it into an art film. To be honest Batman has been neutralized for me because of so many different actors playing him, different directors, different spins. In a way it keeps me open for each version. What I think spoils it most for new Batman movies for me is watching the whole series, Gotham, on TV. To me nothing can top that show for telling the Batman story. About Kravitz as Catwoman, I love the idea of it. Will be seeing this one for sure.

    1. ‘Neutralised?’ Very interesting because I hadn’t thought of it like that, but I understand it. I’ve been referring to Christian Bale as my ‘Forever Batman’ for a while now. I don’t expect that to change after seeing this new one. But I am open to being pleasantly surprised.

      It makes sense that the TV show tells the story very well. In a way, it kind of leaves curiosity, the actor cast as Batman and the spectacle of movie magic as the key things that keep drawing us to the films.

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