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RED NOTICE (2021): The Thing I Liked…

I’m disappointed to say that ‘quite forgettable’ is the most fitting phrase for how I feel about Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds’s latest action/crime/comedy, Red Notice.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, I had a telling ‘bad feeling’ within the first few minutes of the movie starting. The kind of feeling that let me know that Red Notice won’t be as fun and engaging as I’d hoped.

I was soon proven right when the question ‘Why am I bored?’ crossed my mind during the scenes before the forty-minute mark. The answer is, the lacking script/story edit, a Johnson/Reynolds dynamic that didn’t work for me right away, a performance by Gadot that fell surprisingly flat, and the fact that very little if anything about Red Notice played as adequately new and exciting. 

I was finally fully engaged and glued to the action taking place at around the fortieth minute. I wish I could say it was all good from that point on, but even though there were some clever/fun moments, overall, what Thurber’s film did most well for me is not what I expected. 

In addition to doing well at setting up a sequel that might be more fun, Red Notice brought to mind Daniel Craig’s best Bond films. No doubt because Craig’s films excelled in areas that Red Notice did not. Especially where great pacing, highly engaging dialogue, well-drawn characters and exciting action sequences are concerned. 

I needed Red Notice to be better. But I wouldn’t call it completely unwatchable. Give it a chance if you’re particularly curious. 

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20 thoughts on “RED NOTICE (2021): The Thing I Liked…”

  1. I really liked this movie. I thought it was just fun. For me it was one that you couldn’t take too seriously because, well when Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynold’s are together you know it’s going to be silly but entertaining. I would have loved to have seen some behind the scenes stuff with all three of them because you know there would have been a lot of laughter and craziness going on. I really hope they do make another.

    1. I understand what you’re saying about your expectations. Still, I wanted more! 😁 To be more engaged, more excited by what was happening, and more pleasantly surprised. The behind-the-scenes stuff will definitely be a lot of fun. Maybe Netflix will release that at some point. I’m glad you enjoyed it a lot. Even though I didn’t, I’d still be very open to seeing a sequel.

      1. I have some friends who feel the same as you, that it wasn’t what they thought it would be. Hopefully the sequel will be something spectacular that will have both sides pleased.😀

    1. My brother said exactly the same thing as you. 🤓
      As such, it may be the case that I expect too much from even the mindless dumb things out there.

      I’m happy you had a good time though. We really do need the mindless stuff sometimes. I say bring on the sequel! 😁

      1. I mean not sure if I had a good time exactly – I was just in a super grouchy bad space & needed something dumb & mindless. Like I didn’t need do a subtitled movie or anything with any grit to it.. so every blue moon… 🙂

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