Black Panther - Wakanda Forever (2022), Angela Bassett, Tenoch Huerta ,Marvel Entertainment


Black Panther - Wakanda Forever (2022), Letitia Wright, Marvel Entertainment
Black Panther – Wakanda Forever (2022), Letitia Wright, Marvel Entertainment

I knew I would cry while watching the latest Black Panther movie. And flow those tears certainly did. Not too much, mind you. I couldn’t have my vision obstructed while a stunning visual spectacle was happening before me.

Director Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther – Wakanda Forever is a very engaging story with memorable performances. My favourite is delivered unsurprisingly, by Angela Basset (Queen Ramonda). Especially during the confrontation with Dana Gurira’s Okoye. I loved the framing, costume and camera work in those moments! So much so that I will be replaying that scene repeatedly once the movie is available on Disney+.

I love how the Black Panther films have been a welcome reminder of what is possible when all the elements that make a movie very entertaining come together beautifully. The dialogue, costume, music and cinematography combined for a truly memorable experience.

I admit that there was a point in the film where I became aware it was still playing, meaning the movie could have benefited from slightly tighter editing towards the end. Nevertheless, in addition to Coogler’s film being highly engaging and as epic as hoped, Black Panther – Wakanda Forever is simultaneously a perfect additional opportunity for fans to bid farewell to the man who so impressively represented when he donned the suit for Black Panther (2018). The images of Chadwick Boseman shining in the role are some of the most moving moments for me, especially towards the end. 

If you’re yet to do so, watch Black Panther – Wakanda Forever. You’ll most likely be glad you did.

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19 thoughts on “BLACK PANTHER – WAKANDA FOREVER (2022): The Things I Liked…”

    1. Excellent! You’re both in for quite the treat. Remember to stay after the credits start. There’ll be more to see. Also, I just looked up when the movie will be available on Disney+ so I can rewatch all my favourite scenes. Apparently, January 20th is most likely. Oh, well. At least I have my memory and the trailers to relive it all until then. 😊

  1. Will definitely watch this one on Disney+ Such a sad loss of Chadwick Boseman. He was just rising to superstardom 😦 I really loved him in Gods of Egypt, a movie I bought and have watched many times now.

    1. Disney+ will start streaming it towards the end of January, based on what I’ve read.
      And you’re absolutely right about Boseman. The loss felt extra sad as per the accounts of others, he seemed to be such a decent human being. I haven’t watched Gods of Egypt but now I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for the recommendation. 🤓👍

  2. Spoilers ahead – I was very impressed with the way the studio dealt with the passing of Boseman right off the bat, and it was very moving. I also found the storyline thereafter compelling, with a complex villain you could at times feel was in the right to some extent instead of just being the big bad. I do agree the run time could have been knocked down a bit. Another takeaway – the mid-film battle was more exciting to me than the one at the end of the movie. It seemed to me having all of Wakanda vulnerable and up for grabs would have made for a better finale, but no matter, I still loved it. Glad you enjoyed it as well!

    1. Very true about the main villain of the story. Tenoch Huerta who plays Nemor/K’uk’ulkan is very good in the role. It’s no wonder that as I left the theatre, every so often I found myself randomly saying ‘K’uk’ulkan’ a few times. 😁 I’m also on the same page about the mid-battle scene. There really is quite a lot of highlights. It all makes me super excited for what they’ll do for the third instalment. It’s pretty exciting. I’m sure Boseman would be proud.

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