Queen Charlotte - A Briderton Story, India Amarteifio (Young Queen Charlotte), Netflix


Of the three Bridgerton Universe releases so far, I find Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story is the darkest. The darkness is concerning some of the subject matter, and my disinterest in watching painful, unfortunate things happen to the seemingly undeserving. Admittedly, my appetite for sitting through stories about human suffering isn’t the same since the year that was 2020. 

That’s not to say that Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story is perfect, besides my aversion to its darkness. Because even though there are moments of delightful dialogue, the first two Bridgerton series had more of it, which I prefer.

Additionally, the acting is good. And I did make it through all six episodes, but not without difficulty and several moments of audible frustration. Frustration that I had to note, lest I forget. So, the following are a few unfortunate thoughts that crossed my mind.

I thought the young Queen Charlotte’s rise would be my favourite thing to watch. It turns out that by the end of episode two, the young Agatha Danbury’s rise is what I found most intriguing. That’s not to say that Charlotte doesn’t come into her own eventually. I only wish that it happened much sooner than it does.

As I watched Charlotte and George’s love story unfold, another surprising thought that came to mind is I neither like nor do I buy this romance. For this particular thought I blame the story edit; the decision to show the same timeline twice, first from Charlotte’s perspective and then again from George’s. Said decision meant that certain events during Charlotte’s half of the story did not feel earned or believable. At one point I remember thinking Why did they not show George’s conversation with his mother, or whomever? I needed to see it sooner to believe his change of heart. 

To be clear, I’m not generally against the above storytelling trope. I only wish that it had been applied more seamlessly in this instance. Had it been, I may have experienced something other than cringing during the central couple’s first love scene – because of the fact that I didn’t buy it.

I’m disappointed that I found a fair amount of  Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story a frustrating watch. Perhaps, considering my current disposition, post 2020, that was inevitable. Nevertheless, even with the occasional smiles and giggles the story delivered, among other positives, I’m not sure the entire experience was worthwhile, for me.

Still, I say watch Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story if you’re curious enough. I mean, you likely have a different disposition to mine. Just don’t expect the same pace, number of intriguing characters, fun and amount of humour as there is in the first two Bridgerton stories.

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4 thoughts on “QUEEN CHARLOTTE – A BRIDGERTON STORY: The Thing I Liked…”

  1. Controversial! 😁 I agree that this one is darker, which felt strange because the fun always seemed to take priority over all else in the first two series, even when tragedy happened. Now that Bridgerton is officially a universe, perhaps we have a Lady Agatha Danbury 6 part series to look forward to. 🤞🤞

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