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BOKEH (2016): The Thing I Liked… ?

Bokeh (2016), Maika Monroe
Bokeh (2016), Maika Monroe

Written / directed by Geoffrey Orthwein and Andrew Sullivan, Bokeh is the story of a young couple on a romantic getaway to Iceland. Whilst there, they wake up one morning to find that everyone on earth has disappeared except for the two of them.

I sat down to watch Bokeh and within 30 minutes I was moved to pause proceedings so I could decide whether moving forward with the movie would be worth it. I simply had to do this because I was failing to find the two main characters played by Maika monroe and Matt O’Leary particularly interesting; at least not interesting enough for me to want to spend more time with them.

I’d really hoped that the story would be just a little more gripping. You know, something akin to the likes of Z For Zachariah (2015)a movie with a vaguely similar plot. Since that wasn’t the case and what was happening was proving especially disappointing – thanks to one or two moments when my disbelief could not be completely suspended, at approximately 24 minutes in, I aborted.

Did I quit too early? I don’t think so. if you’ve seen Bokeh? please do share your experience in the comments below. Lastly, in terms of what I actually liked about the one third of Bokeh that I saw… Erm… I love the name Maika and I want to visit Iceland in the future. That’s really it.

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