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BURNT (2015): The Good & Bad Things…

Burnt (2015), Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper
Burnt (2015), Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper

Burnt stars Bradley Cooper and it’s a film about a talented chef’s journey to get his life back on track following one huge misstep. After watching the Burnt trailer a few months ago, I found myself unsure about how good I may end up finding the finished product.

The expectation was that I would fall in love with the food in the movie whilst enjoying learning about Cooper’s Adam Jones. What I found is that I didn’t fall in love with the food nor did I connect very much with Bradley Cooper’s character.

The lack of connection with the protagonist may have something to do with Adam Jones not being particularly likeable. It could also be the film’s seemingly odd structure and the feeling that the musical score didn’t fit especially comfortably.

In short, Burnt isn’t in the top ten of my favourite Bradley Cooper movies. However, there are one or two things I did like. For example, Uma Thurman’s performance stood out and I liked the way the story had me thinking about teamwork, friendship and redemption. I really enjoyed the interesting information about the Michelin Guide and how the establishment goes about awarding stars to superior hotels and restaurants in Europe. That I really loved.

If you’re after a good movie for food lovers, the kind that will make you wish you could reach into the screen to grab a piece of what the characters are eating, I recommend Chef (2014) and Julie & Julia (2009). Burnt is probably more for rather serious Bradley Cooper fans and those curious about the experience of a successful Chef.

American Sniper (2014) remains my favourite of Bradley Cooper’s performances. I’m not sure that 2015 was his year, though I did love his work in director David O. Russell’s Joy (2015), a great movie.

Happy Film Loving 🙂