JOY (2015): Great Story & Performances

Joy (2015), Jennifer Lawrence
Joy (2015), Jennifer Lawrence

A determined woman taking charge of her destiny and going after her dreams – especially when no one else believes, that for me is the subject matter of David O. Russell’s Joy; the movie that just got Jennifer Lawrence another Best Actress Golden Globe win.

In Lawrence’s third movie with Oscar Winning director, Russell, she’s joined by his other two favourite actors, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. There’s also Isabella Rossellini, Virginia Madsen, Elizabeth Rohm and Edgar Ramirez, all of whom deliver notable performances. I found Rossellinni and Madsen’s characters particularly entertaining

Joy (2015), Isabella Rossellini, Elizabeth Rohm
Joy (2015), Isabella Rossellini, Elizabeth Rohm

The journey you get to go on in the story of Joy will make you laugh, cry and cheer. As you do at least two of the above, you may also notice the beauty in the cinematography, filming style, dialogue and perfect pace of the movie. All of these elements come together and make Joy a lot of fun to watch. Another plus is the many useful lessons for aspiring business people with big lofty ideas / dreams.

Watch it because it’s good and because you know that making it in life and business can be hard but do you really know just how hard? Joy, who comes in the shape of a seriously badass Jennifer Lawrence is happy to show you, as well as remind you that it’s never really over until you decide.

Happy Film Loving 🙂


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