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UNLESS (2016): New Trailer From Catherine Keener, Hannah Gross Brendan Coyle…

Unless (2016), Hannah Gross, Catherine Keener
Unless (2016), Hannah Gross, Catherine Keener

In Unless which stars Catherine Keener, Brendan Coyle and Hannah Gross, a writer (Keener) struggles with her daughters decision to drop out of college to do something very unexpectedly different. Directed by Alan Gilsenan, Unless is based on Carol Shields’s acclaimed novel of the same name…

Catherine keener is the main reason I’ll tune in. I also really want to know what’s going on with Hannah Gross’s character, Nora. I’d like to believe that she’s simply in the midst of social research, but probably not.

Hanna Schygulla, Abigail Winter and Chloe Rose also star.

Unless Release Dates: September, 2016 (CAN)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂