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DEATH TO 2020 (2020): The Thing I Liked…

Death To 2020 (2020), Cristin Milioti, Netflix

My favourite thing about Netflix’s Death to 2020, a comedic retrospective of the year that was 2020 is the phrase ‘Prime Ministerial scarecrow, Boris Johnson.’ I laugh every time I re-read it, because it’s true.

There’s certainly a handful of more amusing moments within the show, whether it’s courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Leslie Jones, Cristin Milioti or several others. Nevertheless, one of my key issues with Death to 2020 relates to how disjointed it feels; even with the narration used to bring everything together.

Furthermore, the show felt a lot like a less amusing version of Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show; even though I’ve only ever experienced The Daily Show via the best clips on their Youtube Channel.

Unfortunately, Death to 2020 also had me nodding off to sleep a few times. A reality I can blame on the above reasons, and the fact that my favourite comics already helped me laugh at 2020, a little closer to when much of the madness was happening.

I say give Death to 2020 a chance if you’re curious. You may not be as avid a consumer of current comedy as myself.

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DEATH TO 2020 (2020): New Trailer From Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Leslie Jones, Lisa Kudrow…

Death To 2020 (2020), Samuel L. Jackson, Netflix
Death To 2020 (2020), Samuel L. Jackson, Netflix

Read my spoiler-free movie review of  Death to 2020 (2020).

Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror creator), Al Campbell and Alice Mathias are the directors of new Netflix comedy special Death to 2020.

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow and Leslie Jones. Death to 2020 is all about 2020, a year whose story couldn’t be told until now, because it was still happening.

I’m definitely in for all the jokes about what 2020 has been for us all. I already love the joke at the expense of Quibi and everything Leslie Jones said. Can’t wait for more from Samuel L. Jackson.

This looks precisely like what we need to close the less than ideal chapter that has been 2020.

Additional key cast includes Cristin Milioti, Tracey Ullman, Samson Kayo, Kumail Nanjiani, Joe Keery and Diane Morgan.

Death to 2020 Release Dates: December 27th, 2020 (US), Netflix…

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