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AMERICAN SNIPER (2014): Just My Kind Of Clint Eastwood Film

American Sniper (2015): Bradley Cooper
American Sniper (2015): Bradley Cooper

The result of Bradley Cooper’s emotional transformation to play real life US Sniper Chris Kyle, is probably as impressive as the physical change he had to undergo in order to play the lead in Clint Eastwood’s latest, American Sniper (2014).

To say that based on the below trailer, the film looks great is just right. Sienna Miller, Owain Yeoman and Luke Grimes also star but what I’m really most curious about in this film is the adventure into the psyche of the Sniper. Especially since such a job is so far from anything most of us could ever imagine choosing to do.

On a side note, watching this trailer definitely makes me want to re-watch The Hurt Locker (2008). Anyone else?

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