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DEFENDING JACOB (2020): The Things I Liked…

Defending Jacob (2020), Michelle Dockery Apple TV+
Defending Jacob (2020), Michelle Dockery, Apple TV+

There are parts I thoroughly enjoyed in Michelle Dockery, Chris Evans and Jaeden Martell’s Defending Jacobthe story of two parents who have to deal with the idea that their fourteen-year-old son might be responsible for murdering his classmate. Yet, I can’t say I completely loved the experience of watching it. 

The best moments besides the big revelation in the courtroom is  Dockery’s performance. Evans wasn’t terrible and Martell is a very talented young man. I only wish I enjoyed the series in its entirety and spent less  time asking questions such as:

Do we really need to keep going back and forth between Evans’s character in the present day as he recounts what happened? It doesn’t seem to be adding much to the experience.’ 

Why isn’t this a two-part, or four-part series instead of eight?

The truth is I could do with more patience when it comes to movies and TV shows. However, all I want is for something I’m watching to be fully engaging, to the point where I’m happily lost in it, rather than having to question editing decisions.

I like the idea of a story about the possibility that one’s child could be a psychopath, and I felt for Dockery’s character. The bigger issue is likely that I’ve seen elements of this story in other productions several times before. A truth that then makes this experience less new/impressive.

If you’re especially curious, give Defending Jacob a chance. You may find that you love the way it just the way it is. And that you have a lot more patience than I do.

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DEFENDING JACOB (2020): New Trailer From Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Betty Gabriel, Jaeden Martell…

Defending Jacob (2020), Chris Evans, Apple TV+
Defending Jacob (2020), Chris Evans, Apple TV+

Read my spoiler-free movie review of  Defending Jacob (2020).

Based on the best selling book by William Landay, Defending Jacob is a new mystery / thriller starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell and Betty Gabriel.

This is the story of Andy (Evans) and Laurie Barber (Dockery), whose fourteen year-old son (Martell) has been accused of murdering his friend and classmate.

Based on this trailer, Jacob seems guilty. Assuming he’s innocent, how awful would it be if Evans’s character ends up having to go to jail? Looks like a very promising mystery to me.

Sakina Jaffrey, Cherry Jones, Bradley Ryan Knispel, Pablo Schreiber, Jordan Alexa Davis, Daniel Henshall, Ben Taylor, Ted Arcidi, Megan Byrne, Tamara Hickey and Poorna Jagannathan also star.

Defending Jacob Release Dates: April 24th, 2020 (US), Apple TV+

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