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FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS – HOBBS & SHAW (2019): The Things I Liked…

Fast & Furious Presents - Hobbs & Shaw (2019), Jason Statham
Fast & Furious Presents – Hobbs & Shaw (2019), Jason Statham

I personally haven’t watched a Fast & Furious movie in a very long time because I was never overly enthused by them. The main reason I tuned in to Fast & Furious Presents – Hobbs & Shaw is the fun trailer and its main star, Dwayne Johnson. Another reason is the promise of entertaining brotherly banter between Johnson’s Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Shaw, because they’re forced to work together.

My experience with the older Fast & Furious movies I’ve seen prepared me to not expect anything more than some action packed – yet light entertaining fun. As such, when I found myself thinking: ‘It’s OK but I feel as though something’s missing’ – that ‘something’ being depth and notable acting, I was neither mad nor surprised. I did enjoy the chemistry between Statham and Johnson. I just wish that a fair amount of the amusing quips between the two weren’t used up in the trailer. What stands out most for me in Hobbs & Shaw is a very well executed and captured stunt or two – or three. One of them being the motorbike under the truck manoeuvre. 

Other key highlights include, the characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart. I also loved that gorgeous ring on Helen Mirren’s character’s finger. It certainly stole almost all of my attention during the prison visit scene.

As for the less memorable aspects of Hobbs & Shaw, they would be me finding Idris Elba’s villainy to be OK rather than great. There’s also the matter of the first two songs that played once the movie started – not the best choice in my humble opinion. 

There’s indeed some fun to be had with director David Leitch’s action / adventure. Just remember not to expect too much and enjoy the stunts.

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