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GODZILLA vs. KONG (2021): The Things I Liked…

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

The main reason I wanted to watch Godzilla vs Kong is the monster fight. What proved most disappointing is that I found the fight sequences to be ‘just ok’ at best. 

The special effects were impressive and I particularly appreciated the city lights in Hong Kong, as well as the film’s smart use of colour. Other highlights include Brian Tyree Henry who came across very convincingly as the investigator/conspiracy theory enthusiast. 

As someone who enjoyed Kong Skull Island (2017), I was expecting an equally engaging story with Godzilla vs Kong. Especially where the fight sequences were concerned. It’s unfortunate that by the twenty-minute mark, I found myself wanting to fast forward to the monster face-off, rather than sit through the tired human stories I was supposed to buy into.

My desire to skip to the fun moments is partly because I wasn’t able to suspend my disbelief enough, not to notice how silly and cliché the story felt at times. I also missed Tom Hiddleston’s character from Kong Skull Island and found myself wishing he were in this movie. Because that way, he’d have helped ground things a little more. 

If you’re curious about the special effects, watch Godzilla vs Kong. You may find yourself thinking that it feels sillier than expected, but you will most likely enjoy the CGI and the lights.

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I CARE A LOT (2020): New Trailer Starring Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Dianne Wiest…

I Care a Lot (2020), Rosamund Pike, Amazon Prime Video

Read my spoiler-free movie review of  I Care a Lot (2021).

New crime/thriller, I Care a Lot is about a crooked legal guardian named Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike). A woman who drains the savings of her elderly wards; only this time she’s met her match, because Jennifer Peterson, her latest target is far more than what she appears.

Written/directed by J. Blakeson; additional key cast includes Dianne Wiest, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Chris Messina.

Looks like Pike is returning to the type of unhinged character she seems to play so well; as demonstrated by her turn as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl (2014). And I have to say, I’m not mad about it one bit.

Seeing Marla get what she deserves is why I’ll be watching this. Fingers crossed it turns out great.

Lastly, anyone else suddenly finds themselves considering a blunt bob cut as this trailer played?

Macon Blair, Alicia Witt, Damian Young, Nicholas Logan, Liz Eng, Celeste Oliva, Georgia Lyman, Moira Driscoll and Gary Tanguay also star.

I Care a Lot Release Dates: February 19th, 2021 (US), Amazon Prime Video…

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PARADISE HILLS (2019): The Things I Liked…

Paradise Hills (2019), Emma Roberts
Paradise Hills (2019), Emma Roberts

Starring Emma Roberts, Awkwafina, Eiza González and Milla Jovovich, Paradise Hills is not the kind of fantasy movie that I’d shout about so that no one misses out on the experience of seeing it. Yet, I wouldn’t say that it’s a completely terrible movie either. 

Set in a mysterious boarding school with a mission to transform wayward girls so that they fit heir surroundings’ exact desires, it was inevitable that some of the girls were going to resist and rebel. A rebellion led by Roberts’s Uma character because she has zero desire to marry the man her family insists that she does. 

What grabbed me immediately about director Alice Waddington’s film, besides a plot about rightful youthful rebellion is the generally visually pleasing colours, costume and set design. Paradise Hills has a general look and theme that reminded me of Melanie Martinez’s recent K-12 (2019) music film. I liked that the movie became more disturbing in a way that proved entertaining towards the end. I’m also glad for the one or two twists I didn’t see coming.

A definite downside to Waddington’s movie however is that something about the fantasy elements of the story and the films general  execution didn’t quite have me fully buying into everything that was happening. This is likely why I wasn’t as horrified as I perhaps should have been when the most disturbing things were happening.

I was still very much about the uprising and grateful for the thrilling moments in the second half. Yet there remained an air of  ‘this isn’t at all real’ and that truth very probably made me that little bit less invested emotionally in all that was happening. In other words, everything I needed wasn’t there to make me fully immerse myself and get lost in the story.

With that said, watch Paradise Hills you’re really curious.

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BLOODSHOT (2020): New Trailer From Vin Diesel, Guy Pearce, Eiza Gonzalez, Sam Heughan…

Bloodshot (2020), Vin Diesel, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Bloodshot (2020), Vin Diesel, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Bloodshot is a new Vin Diesel action / drama / fantasy about the popular comic book story of Ray Garrison, a slain mobster re-animated with superpowers.

Directed by Dave Wilson, Bloodshot also stars  Eiza González, Sam Heughan, Guy Pearce…

This looks pretty good. Maybe it’s time for my favourite Vin Diesel movie. Maybe.

Toby Kebbell, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Talulah Riley, Maarten Römer, Tamer Burjaq, Patrick Kerton, Alex Hernandez, Lamorne Morris and Siddharth Dhananjay also star.

Bloodshot Release Dates: March 13th, 2020 (US & UK)…

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FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS – HOBBS & SHAW (2019): The Things I Liked…

Fast & Furious Presents - Hobbs & Shaw (2019), Jason Statham
Fast & Furious Presents – Hobbs & Shaw (2019), Jason Statham

I personally haven’t watched a Fast & Furious movie in a very long time because I was never overly enthused by them. The main reason I tuned in to Fast & Furious Presents – Hobbs & Shaw is the fun trailer and its main star, Dwayne Johnson. Another reason is the promise of entertaining brotherly banter between Johnson’s Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Shaw, because they’re forced to work together.

My experience with the older Fast & Furious movies I’ve seen prepared me to not expect anything more than some action packed – yet light entertaining fun. As such, when I found myself thinking: ‘It’s OK but I feel as though something’s missing’ – that ‘something’ being depth and notable acting, I was neither mad nor surprised. I did enjoy the chemistry between Statham and Johnson. I just wish that a fair amount of the amusing quips between the two weren’t used up in the trailer. What stands out most for me in Hobbs & Shaw is a very well executed and captured stunt or two – or three. One of them being the motorbike under the truck manoeuvre. 

Other key highlights include, the characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart. I also loved that gorgeous ring on Helen Mirren’s character’s finger. It certainly stole almost all of my attention during the prison visit scene.

As for the less memorable aspects of Hobbs & Shaw, they would be me finding Idris Elba’s villainy to be OK rather than great. There’s also the matter of the first two songs that played once the movie started – not the best choice in my humble opinion. 

There’s indeed some fun to be had with director David Leitch’s action / adventure. Just remember not to expect too much and enjoy the stunts.

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PARADISE HILLS (2019): New Trailer Starring Emma Roberts, Eiza González, Milla Jovovich, Awkwafina…

Paradise Hills (2019), Emma Roberts
Paradise Hills (2019), Emma Roberts

Read my spoiler-free movie review of Paradise Hills (2019).

A mysterious boarding school that reforms wayward girls to fit their surroundings’ exact desires is the setting of new fantasy movie Paradise Hills.

Directed by Alice Waddington; Emma Roberts, Eiza González, Milla Jovovich and Awkwafina star…

The costume design has my attention, as does the casting. I’m quite curious about the on screen chemistry between all the actors.

Jeremy Irvine, Danielle Macdonald, Arnaud Valois, Karina Kolokolchykova, Hunter Tremayne, Gary Anthony Stennette, Liliana Cabal and Daniel Horvath also star.

Paradise Hills Release Dates: November 1st, 2019 (US)…

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BABY DRIVER (2017): The Thing I Liked…

Baby Driver (2017), Ansel Elgort.png

Baby Driver, an Edgar Wright written / directed action movie about a young getaway driver, one who is forced to take part in a heist that’s doomed to fail isn’t a bad film. I just didn’t love it.

The film’s style is fun, the music is loud and fun, especially if you like the songs. The whole production stylistically is quite the achievement and it’s adequately entertaining. Nevertheless though, for me personally, I found it quite forgettable. This is partly because I’m not quite the key target market. I feel that there was room for the story to work better. For example, without spoiling anything, my biggest issue with Baby Driver is the main ‘change of heart’ at the end. I just didn’t buy it for the character involved.

What I liked most about Wright’s movie is the moment (s) when Elgort’s character starts to run. After all, I have always been quite partial to a good running sequence.

Baby Driver, watch it if you’re so curious.

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WELCOME TO MARWEN (2018): New Trailer From Robert Zemeckis, Starring Steve Carell, Janelle Monae, Leslie Mann, Eiza González…

Welcome To Marwen (2018), Leslie Mann, Steve Carell
Welcome To Marwen (2018), Leslie Mann, Steve Carell

In Welcome To Marwen, Steve Carell plays the victim of a brutal attack, one who finds a unique therapeutic outlet to help him through his recovery.

Janelle Monae, Leslie Mann, Eiza González and Diane Kruger also star, while Robert Zemeckis directs…

I’m in for all the things that make this movie special, including Carell’s likely notable performance and all the hardwork that made the dolls / figures possible. I’m also looking forward to finding out how Carell’s character’s coping method is characterised psychologically.

Welcome To Marwen Release Dates: November 21st, 2018 (US); January 11th, 2019 (2019)…

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