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GROUNDHOG DAY (1993): The Things I Liked…

Groundhog Day (1993), Bill Murray
Groundhog Day (1993), Bill Murray

As a seasoned film fanatic, one might be forgiven for thinking that I’d already watched the 90’s classic movie, Groundhog Day (1993). It’s really only recently that I can finally claim to know what people are referring to when they describe their lives as feeling very much like Groundhog Day

Starring Bill Murray, Andie McDowell, Chris Elliott and Stephen Tobolowsky, the Harold Ramis directed fantasy / comedy is about a weatherman who finds himself reliving the some day over and over again.

Murray’s character, Phil the weatherman becomes naturally frustrated with his predicament after several days – and similar to the main character in Before I Fall (2017),  a mystery I watched recently with a similar premise, he decides to make the most of the situation. Phil’s way of doing this turns him into quite the scoundrel – and so begins the entertaining mischief.

I want to say that my favourite character in this movie is the groundhog; it kind of is even though he/she only appears approximately once or twice. As entertaining and charming as Phil is, I also rather enjoyed Ned Ryerson, the enthusiastic old friend who happens to be lousy at reading social queues. Another highlight was recognising a young Michael Shannon among the cast.

Groundhog Day is a good hour and a half of light entertainment – and one I recommend if the film’s premise intrigues you. The movie definitely brought me closer to understanding why it is that Bill Murray has such a sizeable following. I can also say that I much prefer Groundhog Day rather than Before I Fall (2017) because of the humour and uncomplicated way the story is told. It also probably helps that I relate to this story more than I can to the things that happen in Before I Fall.

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