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HAPPIEST SEASON (2020): The Things I Loved…

Happiest Season (2020), Dan Levy, Kristen Stewart, Hulu
Happiest Season (2020), Dan Levy, Kristen Stewart, Hulu

I haven’t seen all the Christmas movies due for release in 2020 just yet. Especially since it’s not even December as I write this. Nevertheless, let’s just say that it’s going to take something very special to dethrone Happiest Season as my favourite Christmas film of the year.

I found plenty to enjoy in this Clea Duvall co-written/directed story about needing to be exactly yourself, wanting your family’s acceptance and trying hard not to ruin Christmas.

First, there’s the good performances by all, particularly Mackenzie Davis who I’ve been a fan of since Always Shine (2016). Then comes the musical score that I believe is near perfection.

Additionally, Happiest Season manages to feel fresh, even though the holiday/romance/comedy film category is far from new. And the ‘freshness’ is, in part because the central characters are a young lesbian couple. However, it’s simply good writing, editing, acting, music and all else necessary that makes Duvall’s movie the perfect holiday film experience I’ve been needing. Happiest Season is also funny in all the right places. Plus, it features a good mix of memorable dramatic moments too. I say, watch it at once! Because it’s good.

Lastly, like myself, by the end you may feel that you’ve finally come across your favourite Kristen Stewart performance. Especially if you’re not too busy appreciating the noteworthy family wisdom, plus the good examples of friendship and kindness in the story.

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