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HOME (2020): The Things I Liked…

Home (2020), Apple TV+
Home (2020), Apple TV+

Apple TV’s Home documentary series is more than just eight episodes that showcase some of the most unique and inspiring homes in the world.

From Chicago, Maine, Bali, India, Hong Kong, New York Sweden and more, we get to learn about some awe-inspiring homes, as well as the visionary people behind them.

Focused on new ways to solve both existing and future problems in specific communities, we get to learn the moving stories behind the featured architects/designers and what inspires them to create the way they do. Every single episode may not appeal to you in the same way, because I certainly have my favourites. However, what happens in each episode is undoubtedly the kind of thing we need more of in the world.

Watch Home for a look at some possibilities that hadn’t even crossed your mind. And the moving stories of the people behind them. At the very least, you’re in for a memorable visual feast.

In order of appearance, the featured architects, artists designers and home owners on Home are Anders Solvarm (Sweden), Theaster Gates (Chicago), Elora Hardy (Bali), Gary Chang (Hong Kong), Athony Esteves (Maine), Anupama Kundoo (India), Chris Brown (Austin), David Hertz (Malibu) Alexandria Lafci (Mexico), Brett Hagler (Mexico) and Jason Ballard.

Happy Film Loving


HOME (2015): I Watched For The Cute Alien & Jim Parsons’ Voice

Home (2015), Tip (Rihanna), Oh (Jim Parsons)
Home (2015), Tip (Rihanna), Oh (Jim Parsons)

I knew I’d end up watching Home, if only because of Jim Parsons, an Actor rightly celebrated for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper in CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.

Also starring Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez and directed by Tim Johnson, Home centres around a cute purple alien called Oh and his friendship with earthling girl, Tip (Rihanna).

The Boov, Oh’s alien race are undeniably cute and Home has several amusing moments – my favourite of which is when Oh learns about dancing. The way the story of the Gorg is concluded at the end is also great.

You may find the ‘bad English’ / interesting way that the Boov speak quite annoying. I sure did at first. But now, after a second viewing, the word adorable comes to mind instead.

The story is engaging but don’t be surprised if you get the urge to watch The Big Bang Theory as Home plays. Something to do with the pace of Home, perhaps. It could also be more about the power of the brilliant character that is Shelley Cooper.

Happy Home 🙂