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HUNTER KILLER (2017): New Trailer From Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, Michael Nyqvist…

Hunter Killer (2018), Gerard Butler
Hunter Killer (2018), Gerard Butler

In new action / thriller Hunter Killer, the Russian president has been kidnapped by a rogue general and it’s the job of an untested American submarine captain to work with U.S. Navy Seals for the rescue effort.

Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common and Michael Nyqvist star while Donovan Marsh directs…

More than a desire to see how the story unfolds, what I really want is some submarine time without having to actually be in a submarine.

There’s also the special effects and the fact that I like Butler, Common, Oldman and the words ‘Hunter’ and ‘Killer’ side by side.

Hunter Killer Release Dates: October 26th, 2018 (US), November 2nd (UK)…

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