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Judd Apatow - The Return (2018)
Judd Apatow – The Return (2018)

I really enjoy great comedy. I particularly love it when it’s obvious that the comic is undoubtedly smart because of their unique perspective and the way they construct and effectively deliver their stories and observations to the audience.

My favourites of the bunch are so good that they make it hard for me to find comics that I consider, ‘just OK’ watchable.

Judd Apatow – The Return; a standup special featuring Apatow, a funny man better known for being a great producer, writer and director of several hit comedy films is not a bad comedy special. There were a few moments where I laughed heartily. Overall though, since standup isn’t the craft Apatow has focused most on for the last 25 plus years, the whole experience felt more like a fun catch up with a funny friend I hadn’t seen for ages rather than the really clever standup specials I often get very excited about.

I smiled at Apatow’s stories in the beginning, eventually a few funnier stories and observations were shared. The most memorable for me being the story about pitching at the baseball game. When the whole thing was over, I found myself especially happy for Apatow because he got to fulfil his childhood dream.

I’m quite sure that Apatow will always be one of my favourite comedy film makers. Where standup is concerned, the place he occupies in my heart is one of the funny ‘friend’ I don’t get to catch up with very often.

Watch it if you’re so curious.

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JUDD APATOW – THE RETURN (2017): New Trailer For Judd Apatow Standup Comedy Special…

Judd Apatow - The Return (2017). Judd Apatow, Mike Birbiglia.png
Judd Apatow – The Return (2017). Judd Apatow, Mike Birbiglia.png

In the Netflix Special  Judd Apatow – The Return, Apatow, the writer, director and producer of some of my favourite comedies is returning to standup after 25 long years.

I myself didn’t even know that Apatow was a standup comic long before several of his best hit movies. There’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Knocked Up (2007) and This Is 40 (2012), to name just a few…

I like how this trailer is all about the other people echoing any doubts that Apatow himself likely had about returning to standup. It seems as though, this way if his show turns out to not be so great, that in itself will kind of be part of the comedy… maybe. I of course would prefer for the show to be fantastic. Even if it has been 25 long years since he stepped on a stage to make people laugh.

Judd Apatow – The return Release Dates: December 12th, 2017 (US) – Netflix.

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