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A PERFECT 14 (2018): New Trailer For Documentary About Plus-Size Modelling…

A Perfect 14 (2018), Gravitas Ventures
A Perfect 14 (2018), Gravitas Ventures

Written / directed by Giovanna Morales Vargas, A Perfect 14 is a new documentary that will explore the world of plus-size modelling through the experiences of three plus-size models. Namely Elly Mayday, Laura Wells and Kerosene Deluxe. 

I want an inside look into the way the world of fashion modelling is being forced to change for the better.

I can’t denied that it took me a few seconds (OK, maybe just under half a minute) to realise the title ‘The Perfect 14‘ is referencing the old adage ‘The Perfect 10.’

A Perfect 14 Release Dates: March 31st, 2020 (US)…

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