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LEMON (2017): New Trailer From Michael Cera, Brett Gelman, Nia Long, Judy Greer…

Lemon (2017), Michael Cera, Brett Gelman
Lemon (2017), Michael Cera, Brett Gelman

Directed and co-written by  Janicza Bravo, Lemon is the story of a man whose life is unravelling after his girlfriend of 10 years suddenly leaves him. Michael Cera, Brett Gelman, Nia Long and Judy Greer star…

Even though Lemon s a drama, I’m kind of mainly tuning in for the comedy that’s due to come out of the peculiar characters in this trailer. I’m excited about the lovely Nia Long’s role and I want to see what Michael Cera will do since I haven’t seen him in many films for a while.

Gillian Jacobs, Jeff Garlin, Megan Mullally and Inger Tudor also star.

Lemon Release Dates: August 18th, 2017 (US)…

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