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LOVE, ANTOSHA (2019): New Trailer For Anton Yelchin Documentary…

Love, Antosha (2019), Anton Yelchin
Love, Antosha (2019), Anton Yelchin

At the heart of new Garret Price directed documentary Love, Antosha is Anton Yelchin, the talented young American actor who died suddenly after a freak accident on March 11th, 2016.

Featuring interviews with  J.J. Abrams, Simon Pegg , Sofia Boutella, Kristen Stewart, to name just a few, Love, Antosha offers a portrait of the life and career of Yelchin. Exploring his successes and struggles so that viewers can know the extraordinary man the world was cheated from seeing grow old…

I’ll be watching this one because the level of upset I felt at the news of Yelchin’s untimely passing is something that took me by surprise. I really had to think hard about why I felt so deeply for the loss of an actor I hadn’t even seen in especially many films, let alone met.

I eventually concluded that there was just something about Yelchin’s spirit, his presence and the way he gave through his art. The vulnerability of the characters he played in the useful stories he chose to be part of. He really had a way of connecting with his audience through his character’s truth like no one else I’d seen.

In my efforts to come to terms with the great loss, I decided not to stay upset for too long, but instead to be grateful he was actually here at all. And like that I was able to smile.

Willem Dafoe, John Cho, Drake Doremus, Joe Dante, Jodie Foster, Ben Foster and Bryce Dallas Howard are also featured.

Love, Antosha Release Dates: August 2nd, 2019 (2019)…

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