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HACKSAW RIDGE (2016): New Trailer From Mel Gibson Starring Andrew Garfield

Hacksaw Ridge (2016), Andrew Garfield
Hacksaw Ridge (2016), Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is the star of Mel Gibson’s latest film, Hacksaw Ridge. Garfield plays real life WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, a man who joins the army but refuses to kill people…

I don’t know what the word is for how this trailer makes me feel but I know I’ll have to be in the right mood to sit and watch. It seems to have a kind of Forrest Gump quality but pulls even harder at the heartstrings; all of which makes me think that the end product is going to be dare I say, overly sappy.

Perhaps I’d be more intrigued had the trailer not revealed so much. All that has been left out of this trailer appears to be the presentation of the Medal of Honour. As continues to be the case, I ‘m missing the good trailers of the past that really cleverly showed you only enough and never too much.

My favourite Mel Gibson directed movie will likely always be Apocalypto (2006).

Sam Worthington, Ryan Corr, Luke Bracey, Vince Vaughn and Hugo Weaving also star.

Hacksaw Ridge Release Dates: November 4th ,2016 (US); (GER)

Happy Film Loving 🙂


POINT BREAK (2015): Promising Remake?

Point Break (2015) Luke Bracey
Point Break (2015) Luke Bracey

The original Point Break action film directed by Kathryn Bigelow and starring Patrick Swaze, Keanu Reeves and Gary Busey was a hit. 23 years later, it’s time for a remake.

This time, starring Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa Palmer and Ray Winstone, director Ericsson Core’s plot appears to be roughly the same except for a new character or two and some added relevance for modern times.

2015 Trailer >

The good news is, I didn’t find myself laughing out loud at the new trailer the way I did at its predecessor, so that’s a good sign… probably.

1991 Trailer

Happy Point Break 2015 🙂