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GET OUT (2017): A Scary, Suspenseful & Clever Mystery…

Get Out (2017), Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams
Get Out (2017), Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams

Meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time is scary for any young man but when you’re a young African-American man (Daniel Kaluuya) visiting his Caucasian girlfriend’s mysterious family estate for the first time, there’s another level of scary that comes into play. And it’s writer / director Jordan Peele’s exploration of this fear combined with his smart social and cultural observations that make Get Out a thing to see.

As a self-confessed wuss, especially where scary movies are concerned, as soon as Get Out started, I was more than ready for the film to end. Not because I was having a bad time, as such. I simply knew that something bad was going to happen and I was looking forward to the point when it was over.  

In spite of my ‘wussy’ ways, I did make it to the very end of Get Out, a well constructed mystery where the immediate scares come in the suspenseful moments when you don’t quite know how the impending horror is going to take shape. 

Watch this movie because it’s worthy and you probably won’t have nightmares afterwards. At least not on the night you watch the movie. I didn’t; though I did have plenty of other thoughts going on… so that’s probably why. Or, maybe tonight is when the scares will come. Tonight…

Happy Film Loving


PETE’S DRAGON (2016): New Trailer Starring Bryce Dallas Howard & Robert Redford & Oakes Fegley

Pete's Dragon (2016), Oakes Fegley
Pete’s Dragon (2016), Oakes Fegley

You wish for a movie about a kid that grows up in a jungle or forrest; a boy who manages to survive against the odds – thanks to his animal friends, and you get three in one year. First the Jungle Book (2016), then The Legend Of Tarzan (2016) and now Pete’s Dragon (2016)…

Starring Oakes Fegley (who I have to say kind of reminds me of a young Cara Delevigne), Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard, it will be interesting to see just how different all three films are, considering the similarities they share.

Something tells me that at least once, all of them will have a moment where the young protagonist from each movie jumps off a cliff as per 1:11 in the above trailer. The ‘something’ is hardcore evidence.

Oona Laurence, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Marcus Henderson also star.

Pete’s Dragon Release Dates: August 12th, 2016 (UK & US); August 25th, 2016 (GER)…

Happy Film Loving 🙂