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THE MOUNTAIN (2018): New Trailer From Jeff Goldblum, TYE SHERIDAN, Hannah Gross…

The Mountain (2018), Tye Sheridan, Jeff Goldblum
The Mountain (2018), Tye Sheridan, Jeff Goldblum

In The Mountain, Tye Sheridan is a young man who goes to work with a doctor (Jeff Goldblum) who specialises in lobotomies.

Directed and co-written by Rick Alverson; other key cast includes Hannah Gross, Denis Lavant, Udo Kier, Annemarie Lawless…

I’m in for the very interesting topic, lobotomies. There’s also the appeal of the creepy.

Goldblum and Sheridan are both great so I’m hoping that the movie overall proves highly engaging. Especially since the absence of colour is quite severe.

The Mountain Release Dates: July 26th, 2019 (US)…

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