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MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE (2015): New Trailer For Louis Theroux Documentary

My Scientology Movie (2016), Catherine, Louis Theroux
My Scientology Movie (2016), Catherine, Louis Theroux

Acclaimed documentary film maker Louis Theroux is back and this time his subject is the second thing that mega movie star Tom Cruise is best known for. That is of course Scientology, as investigated by Theroux in My Scientology Movie.

Teaser trailer…

Trailer 1

Based on the teaser trailer, it looks as though Catherine mistook her opponent for a regular curious Joe; someone who would cower away in the face of her intimidation tactics.

Not today, Catherine. Not today‘ – Probably  what I imagine that Mr Theroux was thinking whilst remaining as calm as can be.

My Scientology Movie Release Dates: October 7th, 2016 (UK)…

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