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THE INTRUDER (2019): The Things I Liked…

The Intruder (2018), Dennis Quaid, Sony Pictures Entertainment
The Intruder (2018), Dennis Quaid, Sony Pictures Entertainment

The promising trailer, my curiosity about Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, plus the fact that I hadn’t seen the esteemed Dennis Quaid in a movie in a while are my reasons for watching director Deon Taylor’s drama / mystery, The Intruder. A story in which a young couple buy a beautiful new home, only to find that the previous owner is having more than ‘a little trouble’ letting go of his former residence. 

I can’t say that my expectations were particularly high to begin with, since this type of movie has been made many times before. Yet, I must admit that I found Taylor’s film more thrilling than expected – and Quaid’s performance is very much my favourite thing about The Intruder. I found his performance quite scary, especially considering Good’s overly trusting wife character.

As the movie played, there may have been a couple of moments where I wondered, ‘Did it really  make sense for that character to make that move?’  And by ‘that character’ I’m mostly referring to the one played by Joseph Sikora. Nevertheless, even with the moments of failed suspension of disbelief, I still had fun.

Perhaps give The Intruder a chance – if the mood for some easy-viewing thrills strikes. It may not be extraordinary, but that doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate Quaid’s quite frankly, horrifying performance and have a good time.

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