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OLYMPIC DREAMS (2020): New Trailer Starring Nick Kroll Alexi Pappas…

Olympic Dreams (2020), Nick Kroll, Alexi Pappas, IFC Films
Olympic Dreams (2020), Nick Kroll, Alexi Pappas, IFC Films

Olympic Dreams is the story of the bond that grows between a young cross-country skier (after her competition ends) and a volunteer doctor.

Directed by Jeremy Teicher; Olympic Dreams stars Nick Kroll, Alexi Pappas…

I’m mostly curious about Kroll’s performance and precisely why his character seemed so taken aback by ‘the lunge’.

There’s also the ‘comedy running’ at 0:42 seconds into this trailer that made me giggle. Especially since Kroll is acting and he chose that level of tired running. Maybe I’m just too familiar with his comic personality. Or, that’s how truly exhausted non-athlete runners look – and I just don’t know.

Are you at all curious about this one?

Gus Kenworthy and Morgan Schild also star.

Olympic Dreams Release Dates: February 14th, 2020 (US)…

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MY BLIND BROTHER (2016): New Trailer From Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, Nick Kroll, Zoe Kazan…

My Blind Brother (2016), Nick Kroll, Adam Scott
My Blind Brother (2016), Nick Kroll, Adam Scott

The theme of new comedy My Blind Brother is sibling rivalry between two brothers. There’s rivalry in their sporting activities and romantic lives. Directed by Sophie Goodhart; Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Adam Scott and Zoe Kazan are the stars…

There’s a reasonable chance that this movie will be at least moderately fun. I’ll give it a chance because of Zoe Kazan. She’s not even the main character so, good luck to me.

My Blind Brother Release Dates: September 19th, 2016 (US)…

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