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NIGERIAN PRINCE (2018): The ThingS I Liked…

Nigerian Prince (2018), Antonio J Bell, Chinaza Uche, Vertical Entertainment US
Nigerian Prince (2018), Antonio J Bell, Chinaza Uche, Vertical Entertainment US

I haven’t seen many African films but I’m quite certain that Nigerian Prince is the best I’ve watched yet. Featuring a down to earth realism minus all the extra melodramatics of my previous experiences of Nollywood filmmaking, I’m glad to say I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Nigerian Prince is a well told story that starts with a Nigerian-American teenager named Eze. Eze reluctantly arrives in Nigeria and soon learns that his beloved mother has cancelled his return ticket. As a result, a desperate Eze teams up with a local internet scammer to finance a flight back to the States.

Nigerian Prince isn’t a perfect movie but I enjoyed the tension-filled moments in director Faraday Okoro’s film; a fair amount of which came from Eze’s nativité. Particularly his cluelessness when it came to not fully grasping the risks he was actually taking by getting involved in criminal activity in Nigeria. Risk with consequences the audience is cleverly shown throughout. Therefore heightening our very deep concern for young Eze.

Chinaza Uche’s performance as the scammer is a personal highlight – and not just because it wasn’t extra dramatic. I found it interesting to learn about the life of a ‘Nigerian scammer’ and Uche sold it well. The cleverness in the way the story is told, especially towards the end is probably my favourite moment overall.

There are all kinds of tough situations people experience all over the world and the focus of Nigerian Prince really had me feeling grateful for my own set of problems and challenges – perceived or otherwise. 

As for whether it’s worth it to watch this movie, it may just be me and me alone but the fact that by the end of Nigerian Prince, I actually found myself wanting a sequel must mean there’s something good here. If you’re curious, do it.

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NIGERIAN PRINCE (2018): New Trailer From Antonio J Bell, Chinaza Uche, Tina Mba…

Nigerian Prince (2018), Antonio J Bell, Chinaza Uche
Nigerian Prince (2018), Antonio J Bell, Chinaza Uche
Read my spoiler-free movie review of Nigerian Prince (2018)
Directed and co-written by Faraday Okoro, Nigerian Prince is the story of a Nigerian-American teenager who, after being sent to Nigeria against his will, he teams up with an Internet scammer in order to return to the United States. Key cast includes Antonio J Bell, Chinaza Uche, Tina Mba…. I almost feel as though anyone who uses the internet is familiar with the concept of the ‘Nigerian scammer.’ Thanks to the fact that I have a hotmail email address, for me, such scammer emails are very much a daily item in my junk folder. I’m hoping that this movie will be a very interesting  and entertaining depiction of the kind of person at the other end of  those emails. I also just want to know of the teenager makes it back to America. Bimbo Manuel, Ebbe Bassey,  Rita Edward, Craig Stott, Dean Cameron and Omar Maskati also star Nigerian Prince Release Dates… Happy Film Loving G