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1917 (2019): New Official Trailer From Sam Mendes, Starring Dean-Charles Chapman, GEORGE MACKAY, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth…

1917 (2019), Dean-Charles Chapman, Universal Pictures
1917 (2019), Dean-Charles Chapman, Universal Pictures

Read my spoiler-free movie review of 1917 (2019).

Did I already say that I’m over the moon that Sam Mendes is back? He’s already directed at least two of my all time favourite movies. And now a film about two young British soldiers (Dean-Charles Chapman and George McKay) tasked with a seemingly impossible mission.

Additional key cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Madden, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, Andrew Scott…

I’m excited for this story of sibling love and a desperate race against time. I can’t wait for all the beautiful shots that are synonymous with Mendes films .

It’s highly likely I’ll be hugely moved. I mean… I may or may not have already let a few tears escape while watching this trailer.

Anson Boon, Gerran Howell, Daniel Mays, Robert Maaser, Adrian Scarborough, Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay, Teresa Mahoney, and Justin Edwards also star.

1917 Release Dates: December 25th, 2019 (US); January 10th, 2020 (UK)…

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