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SAUSAGE PARTY (2016) Movie Review: Filthy Goodness…

Sausage Party (2016), Seth Rogen - Frank (Voice), Michael Cera - Barry (Voice)
Sausage Party (2016), Seth Rogen – Frank (Voice), Michael Cera – Barry (Voice)

Finding out the truth about one’s existence isn’t just a journey important for humans. Frank the sausage from Shopwell’s supermarket has heard some extremely disturbing news about what happens after he and his fellow food product friends are chosen and taken out of Shopwell’s and into ‘the great beyond.’ So begins the mad food horror / comedy / adventure that is Sausage Party, the latest from writing partners Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Starring Rogen, Michael Cera, Kristen Wiig, Nick Kroll, Jonah Hill, and many more, I found Sausage Party entertaining and definitely filthy. It’s the clever and well written wordplay that makes the comedy. The film’s general look and animation style is another personal highlight. I particularly love the walks of Teresa Del Taco and Frank’s girlfriend Brenda. Yes, we’re  talking about animation here but the sexiness is really, undeniable. Then there’s the  villainous Douche who is nicely played by Nick Kroll (probably my favourite of his roles, ever).

There’s no writing about Sausage Party without mentioning the, let’s say… ‘good times’ that happen towards the very end. WOW! That’s a great word for it.

Sausage Party (2016), Salma Hayek - Teresa Del Taco
Sausage Party (2016), Salma Hayek – Teresa Del Taco (Voice)

After thinking a few times, ‘How on earth are they going to end this?’as the movie played, I’m not mad at what actually happens at the very end – because how else could they have wrapped it up, really? Especially since food is ultimately for eating,  potatoes need peeling and no one should ever take ill treatment.

In terms of the things I was at odds with, Sausage Party features some commentary on religion that feels a little odd and out of place. However, at the same time it makes some sense for a world where food both talks and thinks. Nevertheless, it still didn’t quite fit somehow.

 Watch this movie for the smartly written filthy, fun dialogue and the general madness of it all.

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SAUSAGE PARTY (2016): New Trailer From Seth Rogen, James Franco & Jonah Hill

Sausage Party (2016), Seth Rogen (Voice)
Sausage Party (2016), Seth Rogen (Voice)

Sausage Party is the brand new comedy from Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and James Franco. It’s an animation comedy and the key characters are food…

Rogen’s previous movie, The Night Before (2015) proved to be more disappointing than anticipated. As such, my fingers are crossed with this new ‘food horror.’ The different personalities assigned to all food items is certainly an intriguing.

Directed by  Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan; the film stars several Rogen regulars, including Michael Cera, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson. Salma Hayek, Edward Norton and Paul Rudd also lend their voices.

Sausage Party Release Dates: August 12th, 2016 (US & UK), August 18th, 2016 (GER), September 14th (FR)…

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