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BLADE RUNNER (1982) Movie Review: The Things I Liked…

Blade Runner (1982), Harrison Ford
Blade Runner (1982), Harrison Ford

Directed by Ridley Scott, first released in 1982 and set in 2019, Blade Runner has Harrison Ford playing a police officer (a blade runner) who’s hired to hunt down and assassinate four human-like androids (replicants). Replicants were built for use in dangerous off-world colonisation, but four have gone rogue.

Based on how much sense the story seems to make and how well constructed it is, I can understand why this film is considered by many as one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Perhaps I’d be even more in love with it had I watched it for the first time nearer the year of release rather than in 2017, 35 years later.

The dystopian world created for Blade Runner is one that can be referred to as a key character in itself because it’s so visually rich, moody and impressive in its execution, especially for its time. I had fun watching this movie because of the world of the story, the actual story, and the way it covers issues that humans may well have to face one day. The only part where I was’t quite sure about the film was during the slower pace at the beginning. As impatient as I was for the action to start, it did become clear by the end that the seemingly slow pace was likely all about portraying what most days were actually like in that world, especially for Ford’s character.

Acting-wise, everyone including Ford and Daryl Hannah all deliver strong performances. Overall though, it’s what Rutger Hauer did with his character Roy that sticks with me the most. I just love the way he sold Roy’s emotional journey to everyone watching. Clearly I empathised quite a bit with his goals. Then there’s the line, ‘Wake up, time to die which might just be my favourite movie one liner of all time, probably.

Spotting some of the predictions about the future that seemed quite valid and feasible 35 years ago but are today, still yet to come true was fun. For example, flying cars. Wouldn’t it be amazing if flying cars became a thing just in time for 2019?

Watch Blade Runner because it’s good.

Happy Film loving