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GIFTED (2017): New Trailer From Chris Evans, Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer…

Gifted (2017), Chris Evans
Gifted (2017), Chris Evans

At the heart of  Gifted, the latest movie starring Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate is a custody battle over a child prodigy played by Mckenna Grace…

I’m intrigued by this one, though certainly not as much as I would be had the trailer not been a mere whisker from being a short film. Actually, scrap that. This is a ‘short film’, a.k.a.,  a lazy **s, far too long 2:34 minutes that substitutes a genuinely interesting and creative tease for a ‘show everything but the credits’ sad excuse for a trailer.

There. Now that my true feelings are out, should you want to see the much longer version, you can – in approximately six months from now. I may, I may not.

Gifted Release Dates: April 12th, 2017 (US); April 16th, 2017 (UK)…

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