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DEADPOOL (2016): For The Cool Action & Refreshing Dialogue

Deadpool (2016), Stefan Kapicic, Ryan Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand
Deadpool (2016), Stefan Kapicic, Ryan Reynolds, Brianna Hildebrand

I’ve loved Deadpool’s star, Ryan Reynolds’s sense of humour and comic timing ever since his television sitcom days in Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place (1998-2001). Fast forward to me watching the first Deadpool trailer in 2015 and there I was with reason to be excited.

Generally speaking, my enthusiasm for the superhero genre has been decreasing steadily in recent years. In other words, for me to get excited about another new superhero franchise, it’d better be refreshingly different somehow.

Besides the movie’s much spoken about uncensored expletives, repeated breaking of the ‘fourth wall’ and the humorous dialogue, there isn’t really much else about Deadpool that’s particularly new when compared to the average superhero movie. Not to say that I didn’t have a good time, mind you – Because those cool action sequences were a highlight. Overall, I found director Tim Miller’s movie adequately entertaining.

Deadpool (2016), Ed Skrein
Deadpool (2016), Ed Skrein

One thing I did find impossible not to notice as I watched Deadpool is the general attractiveness of the cast. Especially the three main characters played by Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and Ed Skrein (Ajax). Considering the fact that Reynolds spends a good amount of the movie’s running time in prosthetics that aren’t particularly easy on the eyes, perhaps pressure was felt by the filmmakers to redress the balance. Maybe, indeed.

Did anyone else notice how much Ed Skein resembles a rather beefed-up version of Nicholas Hoult?

Deadpool is a fun ride. Watch it for the humour, action, etc.

Happy Film Loving 🙂