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TERMINATOR – DARK FATE (2019): NEw Trailer From Mackenzie Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton…

Terminator - Dark Fate (2019), Linda Hamilton, Paramaount Pictures
Terminator – Dark Fate (2019), Linda Hamilton, Paramaount Pictures

Directed by Tim Miller of Deadpool (2016) and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton plus Mackenzie Davis, Terminator – Dark Fate is the next instalment in the celebrated science fiction story that started with James Cameron’s The Terminator back in 1984.

The official plot hasn’t yet been released but additional key cast does include Gabriel Luna, Diego Boneta, Natalia Reyes, Brett Azar…

‘Wow’ is the word because this trailer looks really good. Fans of Cameron’s first and second Terminator Movies movie are no doubt excited to see Hamilton back as the rather badass Sarah Conner.

Right aways I know I like Davis as Grace, whoever Grace is. I’m also excited to hopefully find Luna’s Terminator character to be as perfectly loathsome as Robert Patrick’s great portrayal of T-1000 from Terminator 2 – Judgement Day (1991).

Terminator – Dark Fate Release Dates: October 23rd, 2019 (UK); November 1st, 2019 (US & CAN)…

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