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SNATCHED (2017): There’s Something I Liked…

Snatched (2017), Amy Schumer
Snatched (2017), Amy Schumer

The trailer for Snatched, an action / comedy about a mother / daughter adventure in South America had me a little hopeful.

Starring Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and directed by Jonathan Levine, I have to say that unfortunately I can’t say that I liked the finished film as much as I’d hoped.

There are a few welcome and unexpected twists in the story and a funny piece of dialogue approximately every twenty five minutes that I enjoyed. Yet, overall, Snatched is slow in pace and largely unbelievable. It’s also not adequately fun, funny overall or executed well enough for me to forgive how unbelievable it is.

You may watch Snatched and find it less disappointing than I have, perhaps. However, should you want an action / comedy that isn’t necessarily completely believable yet executed in a way that makes the lack of believability a non-issue, try The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017).

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