THE ONE I LOVE (2014): So, Here’s Something Different…

The One I Love (2014), Mark Duplass, Elizabeth Moss
The One I Love (2014), Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss

It is well documented that repetition inevitably gets dull and people end up switching off. This is the case with many romantic comedies and generally any genre that repeats the same themes and plot lines continuously and with minimal difference.

The One I Love (2014) can be accused of no such thing. Yes, the narrative contains a classic stage in the long term relationship lifecycle. But the execution is a very refreshing and unexpected difference in a story about a married couple. A pair trying to find their way back to that great past period in their relationship; a place  where happiness was the default setting. And as they begin their journey, rather peculiar things start happening.

I find The One I Love to be more of a drama than a romantic comedy, but it has been labeled as all three (comedy, romance and drama) simultaneously.

Watch it because of the two impressive lead actors. Watch it for the different kind of execution and  because you’re somewhat bored of the formulaic nature of romantic comedies and need something else. And  lastly, watch because you want to be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s the trailer.

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